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Attractive opportunity for young generation

27.09.2023|Báo Nhân Dân

Nature conservation is one of the specialized, yet uncommon professions in Vietnam. In recent years, the field has been increasingly promoted, ... Read more

Vietnamese wildlife conservationist wins international award

01.09.2023|Hanoi Times

The prestigious award recognizes the young Vietnamese scientist's efforts in conservation and sustainability. Read more

Trang Nguyễn giành Giải thưởng Cựu sinh viên Vương quốc Anh toàn cầu

31.08.2023|Báo điện tử Đại biểu Nhân Dân

TS. Trang Nguyễn - nhà sáng lập và Giám đốc điều hành Trung tâm Hành động vì động vật hoang dã Việt Nam (WildAct) là đại diện cho Đông Á xuất sắc giành Giải thưởng Cựu sinh viên Vương quốc Anh toàn cầu, hạng mục Khoa học và phát triển bền vững. Read more

Organize the Student Conference on Nature Conservation in 2023

31.07.2023|Tạp chí Doanh nghiệp & Kinh tế Xanh

The conference attracted nearly 100 participants, graduate students, and young conservationists to connect and expand development opportunities with leading experts and organizations in the field of conservation in Vietnam Read more

Vietnam lacks young human resources in the field of conservation

30.07.2023|VOV Giao thông

On July 29, WildAct organized the Student Scientific Conference on Nature Conservation 2023 (SCNC) in Hanoi. 6 topics were selected from nearly 40 selected studies to speak at the conference. Read more

Connect and share the perspectives of young conservationists

24.07.2023|Báo Thế giới Việt Nam

On July 29, WildAct will organize the Student Scientific Conference on Nature Conservation (SCNC) in Hanoi with the desire to continue to open up opportunities to meet each other. Meet, connect and share the perspectives of young conservationists through research topics on nature conservation issues. Read more

Vocational training… wildlife conservation

25.05.2023|Báo Tài nguyên & Môi trường

For conservation to become a popular career in Vietnam, over the past 4 years, a course on combating illegal wildlife trade has been organized annually, helping young conservationists better understand this work. Read more

Young conservationist Trang Nguyen: Environmental protection and nature conservation are not just anyone's story!

04.03.2023|Thông tin đối ngoại

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang - a girl who has worked and researched wildlife conservation for 16 years - will enter a new journey as the only young face in Vietnam selected to participate in the Program Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Regional Leader 2023. Read more

Trang - a person associated with the forests

28.02.2023|Thông tin đối ngoại

I met Trang in a beautiful afternoon in Hanoi. Sitting in the middle of the capital to listen to a girl with tanned skin passionately talk about the forests and the conservation of animals listed in Vietnam's red book. Read more

Trang Nguyen - The warrior who stands for wildlife

28.02.2023|Tạp chí công thương

A young Vietnamese woman is popular in the world for her passion for conservation activities. Besides being a conservationist, she is also a environmental activist and a writer Read more

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