03/03/2024 Đắk Lắk


The Guardians of Chu Yang Sin’s Award - Honouring the dedications

Since we started working with Chu Yang Sin National Park, the stories of people silently devoting themselves to keeping the forest safe have been told. They are our amazing rangers and community members who are very brave, working in harsh conditions, and willing to face many challenges to protect our beloved forest.

The Guardians of Chu Yang Sin’s Award promptly honour and reward individuals and teams who have made outstanding achievements and important contributions to the protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity in Chu Yang Sin National Park. This award aims to increase the motivation and efforts of the Chu Yang Sin forest protection forces.

The award is organised by WildAct Vietnam in partnership with Chu Yang Sin National Park and Vietnam National Park and Protected Areas to honours Chu Yang Sin National Park rangers, specialized forest protection forces, and Community Conservation Team.