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January 16, 2018

We are excited to announce that we are joining force with the Saola Working Group to provide a small grant to support capacity building of women in Vietnam and Laos for biodiversity conservation and sustainability in the Annamite Mountains.

Recognizing that in Indochina ‘forest’ (i.e., conservation) work is traditionally considered suitable mainly for men, and therefore that encouragement and support of women in such work can tap a valuable resource, the Saola Working Group is providing funds to Vietnamese and Lao women (no restriction of age, or education level) involved in biodiversity conservation in the Annamite Mountains.

Application Criteria

•      The grant will support women in their endeavors to contribute to biodiversity conservation in the Annamites Range

•      The grant can be used for conservation/research projects, to support to women from local communities, and for training courses and/or academic scholarships

•      The grant will be awarded to women from Laos or Vietnam (this includes women from ethnic minorities in the Annamite Mountain Range)

•      Projects funded may include (but are not limited to): research; community outreach; sustainable livelihoods with a demonstrable and direct link to conservation; capacity building (incl. training courses) linked to conservation; academic studies.

•      Any project must demonstrate a direct link to conservation

•      Maximum grants are 5000 USD (smaller amounts have a higher chance of being awarded)

 Application deadlines

There are 2 rounds of application review each year, with two deadlines per year:

·         31st December

·         31st May

Please send your application by these dates (application received after the deadline will only be considered for the next round of review.

Applicants will be notified (by email) of the outcome of their application a month after the deadlines (i.e. by 31st January and by 30th June) so timeline of proposed activities should be planned accordingly.

For more information please download our application packs and read the instruction carefully:

Women for the Annaminte Grant

Vietnamese applicants can email: for any questions regarding the grant.