Dispelling the myth: Protecting people and rhinos P1

Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: School and Community

Some thoughts from a Vietnamese patients family member about the project:

"I learned something new today. I didn't know there are such thing as Zoonotic...what is it?

the doctor said they are disease that can be transmitted from wild animal to human. I know some domestic species can give their disease to human, but I didn't know wild animals can do that too. People always said wild animals are very strong, because they forage wildly in the forest. They should be tolerant to all the disease, shouldn't they?

... I never use things such as rhino horn or tiger balm. Those were too expensive. But sometimes we do eat wild meat, and we used to keep bear bile in the house.

I think I will have to be more careful with consuming wildlife products now. The doctor and pharmacist said it is better to use prescribed medicine with clear instruction rather than following folklore to treat illness. There are many sever diseases that can be transmitted from wild animals. I want to keep myself and my family healthy.

I don't think we will even consider using them anymore. It is scary".


Our one year long project "Dispelling the myth: Protecting rhinos and people" has come to and end.

More than 12,000 educational materials were distributed through out Vietnam, with almost 60 hospitals and clinics, 500 doctors and 150 pharmacies were reached!!!

Almost all Traditional Medicine doctors who participated in our project comitted to discourage their patients to consum wildlife products!

Stay tuned for update on our final report!

Thank you for your support!


Special thanks to the Lush Foundationand Rhino Remedy for financially sponsored this project.