Dispelling the myth: Protecting people and rhinos P2

Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: School and Community

Dr. Thuan is preparing some Vietnamese Traditional Herbal Medicine for her patients

Let's hear what Thuan - a Vietnamese Traditional Medicine doctor said about wildlife consumption for medicinal purposes over her 30 years of working as a TM doctor:

"I have been working as a Traditional Medicine doctor for more than 30 years. I can see how wildlife reduced over my life time: when I started, there were many TM practitioners use wildlife products, such as pangolin scales or bear bile. But they are become rarer and rarer, harder to find and more expensive.

It is unnecessary because there are also many other alternative medicinal herbs can be used instead wild animal parts, not to mention that many animal parts are fault advertising for their effectiveness. I myself prefer to prescribe medicinal herbs to my patients. Medicinal herbs have been used in TM for very long time and many were proven by scientists on their effectiveness, and even used in Western medicine.

...I think it is important to maintain our traditional practice, but at the same time not to destruct our living environment. I'm fully supporting this project [Dispelling the myth: protecting rhinos and people -  https://goo.gl/sl8vZZ]

...Rhino horn is not magical medicine, and the rhinos are going to be extinct if we keep consuming their horns. It is for sure cannot cure cancer, that is a bad rumor and need to be dispelled".


Our one year long project "Dispelling the myth: Protecting rhinos and people" has come to and end.

More than 12,000 educational materials were distributed through out Vietnam, with almost 60 hospitals and clinics, 500 doctors and 150 pharmacies were reached!!!

Almost all Traditional Medicine doctors who participated in our project comitted to discourage their patients to consum wildlife products!

Stay tuned for update on our final report!

Thank you for your support!


Special thanks to the Lush Foundation and Rhino Remedy for financially sponsored this project.