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WildAct is a local, charity, non-governmental wildlife conservation organisation, established in 2015. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower society and individuals to engage in the science-based conservation of threatened species and ecosystems.

Our three main areas are:

  • Increase Vietnamese public’s understanding, awareness and attitudes toward wildlife conservation, through our Education Program;

  • Empower local communities living near protected areas, such as National Park and Nature Reserve to directly participating in conservation projects on the ground, through our Community Conservation Program;

  • Create a better, safer and more equitable working environment within the conservation sector, through our Empowering Women in Conservation Program.

Wilderness Foundation Africa is an African-based conservation NGO that protects and sustains landscapes through its agile and innovative approach to conservation. Since 2014, Wilderness Foundation Africa has carried out a Wild Rhino Demand Reduction Campaign in Vietnam. The Wild Rhino campaign uses locally generated informative material, social media, events, seminars, presentations, competitions and first hand African wildlife experiences to work alongside the youth of Vietnam, to improve the understanding of rhino protection and to motivate them to become ambassadors for the cause to end the trade in rhino horn.

This position is the result of a collaboration between WildAct and Wild Rhino, where the Education Outreach Officer (EOO) will contribute 50% of the time working on Wild Rhino demand reduction campaign and 50% of the time assisting WildAct to deliver educational conservation outcomes.

The Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leadership Program trains and connects young leaders from different countries and sectors, such as public, private, and nonprofit services. This is a very competitive program with more than 4000 people around the world nominated in 2023, and only 105 of them were selected by the International Leaders Program - Obama Foundation. Selection criteria are based on the potential impact and ability to promote the common good within the sphere of influence of each candidate. This year, 35 individuals from 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region were selected.

In the program, Leaders participate in virtual skill-building workshops, network-building opportunities, and a variety of moderated conversations with experts, while focusing on individual growth as a leader. The program is also an ideal hub for leaders from other countries, thereby expanding the network and improving the opportunities for cooperation on social projects in the future. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to meet and discuss with former US President Barack Obama on development issues in the region.

“I feel honoured and proud to be the representative of Vietnam, of the WildAct team, and of the conservation sector this year. By participating in the program, I hope to spread the messages, share our efforts, and tireless contributions to wildlife conservation in Vietnam with international leaders. As my leadership skillsdeveloped and strengthened through the program, I aim to mobilise more resources and support from international citizens to create more impactful and sustainable conservation efforts in Vietnam” - Dr. Trang Nguyen shared.

This is a fixed term position, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, for a duration of 12-month from 1st March 2023.

Working location: WildAct, Hà Nội. However, EOO might be required to travel to WildAct’s sites outside of Hanoi. 

Working duration: 01 year (with high chance to extend the contract) 

Application deadline: Before 17:00 March 12, 2023.

Interview period: 14 - 15 March 2023

Interview result: 16-17 March 2023

Salary: gross salary ranging from 12,540,000.00 VND - 15,890,000.00 VND, depending on your skills and experiences.

Tasks and responsibilities

The position will be required to perform tasks, but not limited to, as follows:

 Education outreach

  • Identify and create relationship with schools and universities in Hanoi to deliver educational conservation speech and activities;

  • Liaise with partners and team members to develop awareness activities and events that meet/surpass with objectives of the campaign;

  • Prepare and present awareness and educational lesson and presentation about wildlife crime and rhino issue at public panel talks, seminars, schools, and awareness table/booth;

  • Keep track of and organise campaign stocks at storage space and distribute campaign materials to maximise awareness of the issue to the public;

  • A trip report after completing each education activity, including photographs and draft material that can be used on social media;

  • Accomplish work requirements by adhering to a pre-set event schedule.

Design & Communication

  • Assisting Communication Officer to design education and communication materials (i.e standees, handbook, posters etc) to raise public awareness;

  • Taking pictures, recording videos etc at school events, if required;

  • Contribute ideas to the education & awareness raising campaigns;

  • Creating and/or translating content for social media channels, when required.


  • A bachelor’s degree (or higher education) on related fields (i.e. education, design, communication, biology, biodiversity conservation);

  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese;

  • Proven track record of hosting and organising events such as exhibitions, seminars, school visits;

  • Has experience in graphic design and is familiar with programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator;

  • Established relationship with schools and/or universities in Hanoi is an advantage; 

  • Confident to speak in front of a large audience;

  • Ability to inspire and engage youths;

  • Ability to work independent effectively, but also a team player.

Interested candidates are invited to complete the application form  (including a set of questions here), a CV, together with at least 2 designed products of your choice) to us via the email address: Please cited clearly on the title of the email as the following: Applying for the EOO position – your full name (i.e Applying for the EOO position – Trần Thị Yến), before 12th February 2023).