Over 1000 students and teachers joins Drama Competition - “Protecting Migratory Birds”

On December 12th, WildAct Vietnam successfully organized the Drama Competition “Protecting Migratory Birds” to over 1000 students and teachers from primary schools in Yen Mo district of Ninh Binh Province. The competition with unique performances in which creative perspectives on migratory birds were well incorporated, spread the message of joining hands to protect migratory birds to the community.

Great story-telling performances from local primary schools.

Responding to a series of activities within the Migratory Bird Conservation project, WildAct cooperated with the Department of Education and Training of Yen Mo district of Ninh Binh province to launch the Drama Competition “Protecting Migratory Birds” to 18 primary schools in the district.

In an exciting atmosphere with the participation of a large number of students and teachers, seven selected excellent scripts were successfully performed at the final of the Drama Competition “Protecting Migratory Birds”. Talented teams with novel perspectives managed to deliver unique and creative performances including messages on the theme of protecting migratory birds. The results are listed as follows: 

  • First Prize - “Wings of my hometown” of Yen Dong primary school;

  • Second Prize - “The confession of Stork and Cauldron” of Yen Phu primary school;

  • Audience Choice Prize - “Where the migratory bird returns" of school Yen Phong primary shool;

Performance: "Wings of my hometown” of Yen Dong primary school won the frist prize

The event also had the participation of representatives from the leadership boards of related sectors such as: Mrs. Pham Thi Tuat - Head of Primary Education Department - Department of Education and Training, Mr. An Don Nghia - Vice Chairman of Yen Mo District People's Committee , Mr. Dinh Van Ngoc - Representative of Tam Diep Forest Ranger District, Mr. Tran Xuan Tong - Yen Dong Commune Party Committee and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Nga - Project Manager at WildAct Vietnam. Mrs. Pham Thi Tuat - Head of Primary Education Department - Department of Education and Training shared: "The drama competition "Protecting Migratory Birds" is a meaningful event for primary pupils and the local community Yen Mo district. Each performance of pupils and teachers from primary schools expressed emotional stories and perspectives on the issue of migratory birds. I believe that through the competition, pupils, teachers as well as parents, and the community will have a better awareness of the importance of migratory birds. Thereby, changing awareness and taking more correct actions regarding illegal hunting and trafficking of migratory birds"

Delegates from the Educational Committee at the event

Additionally, in 2023, WildAct, with the sponsorship of the Intrepid Foundation, has implemented many activities in the Migratory Bird Conservation project, in order to spread messages and raise awareness of migratory birds issues to students, teachers and local communities in Ninh Binh province.

At the campus of two Yen Dong Primary Schools and Yen Dong Secondary School, two vibrant and meaningful murals about the story of migratory birds within the framework of the “Flying Wings” Mural Painting Contest were constructed. Educational publications and manuals on migratory bird conservation have been published and handed out. Exhibitions and talk shows about four endangered/critically endangered migratory bird species including Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Black-faced Spoonbill, Chinese Egret and Saunders’ Gull were held. As a result, more than 10,000 local people had access to information, and nearly 2,500 students and parents signed a commitment not to hunt or consume products originating from migratory birds.

In 2024, educational and awareness-raising activities about the importance of migratory birds will continue to be developed and implemented in the three provinces of Nam Dinh, Thai Binh and Ninh Binh. In particular, activities such as organizing workshops, nature experiences for students, exhibitions at schools, community nights and migratory bird conservation initiatives will be carried out. Through such activities, we hope to promote the participation of children, local people along with law enforcement agencies and social organizations to join hands in conserving migratory birds.