5,682 students and local people and local people in Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve participated in a series of painting exhibition activities about the habitat of migratory birds.

From December 2023 to April 2024, WildAct conducted a series of educational activities about migratory birds to 6 secondary schools in 3 provinces of Thai Binh, Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh. There are 2965 students and teachers directly participating in awareness-raising activities and spreading messages to 5,682 local people. All of them signed a plead to protect  migratory birds in  Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve for a safe future of wild birds

Students stimulated learn about wetland and migratory birds

Within the framework of education activities at the school, exhibitions, thematic talks, and interactive games on problems surrounding migratory birds have created a stimulating learning atmosphere. These activities attract the students to learn about and pay more attention to migratory birds and wetland - habitats

Educational publications are given to middle school students

These activities help promote students' learning about the role and features of wetland, migratory birds for the ecosystem and humans. The information on threats and consequences ​​of illegal  poaching and trading of 4 endangered migratory bird species under the project: Calidris pygmaea, Egretta eulophotes, Larus saundersi, and Platalea regia is highlighted through pictures, information boards, interactive games and storytelling.

Secondary school students joined in painting exhibition activities about the migratory birds.

Especially, through activities, 5266 students and parents have signed a plead not to illegal poach and trade product from migratory birds.

The result of the series of education activities about migratory birds in 3 provinces: Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, the message “protect migratory birds" echoed strength of the project’s 6 operating schools. This is as a determination call for joining  - hands to protect migratory birds to freely spread their wings.