Old and new logo

WildAct has a new logo but our mission to raise awareness on conservation issue remain the same. Our new logo incorporates the same elements of natures and humanity. Within the human handprint lies the image of an elephant. It represents WildAct broadening horizon. Elephants are key component of healthy ecosystem wherever they occur. But elephants are increasingly threatening by human activities.


In recent years, Vietnam has lost many other large mammals such as rhinos and tigers, but elephants still cling on to survival. WildAct’s work is increasingly focus on the illegal wildlife trade and the illicit trade network between Africa and Asia.


The human handprint remains the main feature of our new logo because human is an integral part of conservation: human is the cause of many wildlife conservation issue but we also are the solutions. Conservation is not just about wildlife but also protecting human well-being in a long term.


The illegal trade of wildlife products not only have detrimental impacts on wild population but also has negative consequences for human lives.


Our new logo is simpler and clearer, giving equal balance to human and nature. And we hope that it would represent WildAct as we continue to growth.