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A story was sent to us today by a Vietnamese student, who is one of the 20 finalists of the Rhino Art Vietnam competition 2014.

"My uncle often use rhino horn. He said rhino horn can detoxify the body, reduce fever and strengthen the body.

One time, my mom got a bad fever. My uncle's wife brought a small piece of rhino horn to my house. It was as small as a match box, dark brown. She also brought a rhino horn grinding plate with her. She poured a bit of water in the plate and started to grind the horn. She then put this powder in a glass of water. The horn powder turned the water in to cloudy colour. She asked my mom to drink this water, then she continued to make more tonic to store in a plastic bottle, so my mom can drink this tonic for a few days.

But my mom fever didn't reduce. She went to a hospital and received treatment and modern medicines. Mom went back to her daily routine, working everyday and no one in my family mention about rhino horn anymore. I only heard a few times from my parents that rhino horn is extremely expensive, and they cannot afford it.

After the presentation from WildAct and Rhino Art Vietnam campaign, I realise that rhino horn is not what people think it is! I promise I will tell my parents the truth about rhino horn. If rhino horn really can cure so many disease, surely scientists would  have farm them and make medicine tablet out of rhino horn for people to use.

I think that as I am one of the winners of Rhino Art Vietnam 2014, I should make my uncles and my family understand that rhino horn is not medicine, and let them know the horrible situation that the rhinos are facing. If my uncles stop using rhino horn, not only they can stop wasting money on nothing, but also they can get proper treatment from real doctors. I think that is the best reward for me.

I want to thanks Rhino Art campaign organisers for giving me this opportunity to learn such valuable lesson about the rhino. I hope that more and more people in Vietnam will be reached by the campaign and people will no longer believe in rumours that rhino horn can cure disease."


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