Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: Expert views, Capacity and Governance

WildAct is  a local wildlife conservation, not-for-profit organisation based in Vietnam, established in 2015. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower society and individuals to engage in the science-based conservation of threatened species and ecosystems. 

Ensuring a safe and gender-based violence (GBV) free working environment is essential in delivering our mission. This guideline is a toolkit of approaches, techniques and additional resources to help WildAct, as well as natural conservation organisations to integrate GBV free into their policy. As a wildlife conservation organisation, we work to support equal rights, whether it's between humans and flora, humans and fauna, or humans and humans. 

Policy Statement 

This policy will:

  • Provide mechanisms to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Provide a survivor-centred approach to support survivors of Sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH).

  • Improve the ability and capacity of WildAct and our members to address sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse.

  • Provide information on psychological and medical support, legal counselling, and other essential services for urgent referrals.

  • Serve as a basis and reference for developing the Code of Conduct against Workplace Sexual Harassment, exploitation, and abuse.

  • Our commitment to prevent and mitigate SEAH

WildAct’s vision and mission acknowledge that a GBV-free and gender equitable working environment is needed to deliver effective conservation outcomes, and that influencing policy decisions should be part of our efforts to achieve a lasting, desirable change. We are committed to: 

  • Zero tolerance to inaction: In order to create a real change to improve the working environment for our staff and the people whom we work with, we must commit to zero tolerance to inaction. This means we, and our implementing partners will not ignore any allegations related to SEAH by both our employees and any implementing partner and respond appropriately when reports of SEAH arise, in accordance with our regulations, rules, policies and procedures. 

  • Survivor centred approach: aims to empower the survivor of sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment by prioritising their rights, needs and wishes. This means we will ensure that survivors have access to appropriate, accessible and quality service. This approach provides confidentiality and choices to survivors of harassment, exploitation, and abuse. Breaching confidentiality inappropriately can put the survivor and others at risk of further harm and discourage them from coming forward for help. 

  • Transparency: In order to acknowledge the experience of and deliver justice to as many survivors as possible, WildAct is committed to reporting allegations to USAID RISE until the end of December 2022. This will not only help to raise awareness of the public on the issue, but also shows the organisation's commitment to end GBV at their own workplace - see Appendix I for reporting form.