Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: Species and Habitat

Migratory birds in Vietnam have been overhunted to supply the demand for bird meat consumption. Accurate estimation of the threat level is therefore important to ensure effective and long-term conservation actions. The primary aim of this research is to provide an understanding of the current threats that migratory birds are facing in the Red River Delta Biosphere. The secondary aim is to explore bird hunters’ attitudes, knowledge, practices and motivation toward migratory bird species. We conducted a total of 98 line transect and interviewed 126 bird hunters and experts in Ninh Binh and Thai Binh provinces. Our results show that bird hunting is a common practice in both provinces, with mist nets being the most popular equipment used by hunters. 1300 mist nets were found, with a total length of over 139km.

Hunting equipment are cheap, easy to find and hunters do not have to invest a huge amount of time in hunting activities. As most hunters are male and practice Catholicism, we recommend that actions to improve law enforcement and a collaboration with Catholic leaders are required to ensure the survival of migratory birds.

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