Trang Nguyen - the outstanding representative of East Asia won the Global Study UK Alumni Awards 2023

Posted on 08.07.2023 | Tag: Capacity and Governance

On August 30, the British Council announced global winners of the 9th Study UK Alumni Awards to celebrate their outstanding achievements and contributions over the world. Dr. Trang Nguyen - Founder and Director of WildAct Vietnam, a representative of East Asia, is awarded the Science and Sustainability Award. 

Trang Nguyen won the Global Study UK Alumni Awards 2023

The Study UK Alumni Awards have been annually hosted by the British Council and UK universities since September 2014. Awards winners and finalists are leaders in their professional fields who have used the experience, knowledge, and skills gained from studying in the UK to make a positive impact on their communities, societies, and countries. 

Trang Nguyen taking photos with participants of the Student Conference on Nature Conservation 2022

In 2023, this award attracted more than 1,300 alumni from over 114 countries. After the competitive selection process, only 28 candidates from 22 countries, who studied at 29 UK universities, were chosen for the global final round. Notably, Dr. Trang Nguyen, together with other three alumni  won the global awards.

Trang Nguyen engaging with trainees at the Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade Short Course 2023

“I feel honored and proud to be the representative of Vietnam and East Asia to receive Science and Sustainability Award. I would like to thank my dedicated team at  WildAct who accompany with me to carry out impactful biodiversity conservation projects. This award recognized our efforts  in conservation in Vietnam. Being a UK Alumnus provided me with opportunities to connect and engage with different distinguished leaders in natural conservation and sustainability. I hope to spread the message and share our achivement and lessons learned with global communities. I am grateful to the British Council for giving me and WildAct this prestigious award.” - Dr. Trang Nguyen shared.

In order to win the Science and Sustainability Award, Dr. Trang Nguyen has proven her remarkable achievements and considerable impact on conservation. She has devoted 16 years to wildlife conservation research and led WildAct to create numerous positive changes for conservation. Aiming to increase Vietnam’s capacity in the wildlife conservation sector, Dr. Trang Nguyen and her colleagues at WildAct pioneered the implementation of courses on illegal wildlife trade and animal welfare in Vietnam. More than 40% of students taking the course are working directly in the conservation sector in National Parks, Protected Areas, and local and international NGOs. WildAct is also a pioneer in organising the Student Conference on Nature Conservation, with 100% of participants satisfied with the conference, and more than 92% of participants hope that it will be held annually.

Trang Nguyen conducted training for rangers and forest defenders at Chu Yang Sin National Park

Moreover, Dr. Trang Nguyen also led WildAct to become the first organisation in Vietnam to implement a gender program in the conservation sector that builds an equal and safe working environment for officers and employees from conservation organisations in the country. In addition, Trang directs WildAct to develop programs that motivate individuals and communities to manage and conserve natural resources and prevent illegal poaching and wildlife trades in 7 provinces, including Dak Lak, Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, Nghe An, Ha Giang, Hue, and Hanoi. Especially, Trang and WildAct have collaborated with local partners to implement species and habitat conservation projects at Chu Yang Sin National Park, Dak Lak Province, which is one of the conservation hotspots in Vietnam. To date, our Community Conservation Team, the rangers and forest defenders  patrolled 270km of forest roads, detected and neutralized 1,596 animal traps and 50 hunter camps.

Trang Nguyen on the field

With significant contributions to community, Trang Nguyen, who is an inspired young conservation, won many national and global awards. In 2023, Trang Nguyen, the only representative of Vietnam is awarded the new Obama Foundation Global Leaders - Asia - Pacific region. In addition, she was the first Asian to win the Princess of Girona Foundation International Award, presented by the Princess of Spain - Leonor. This prestigious award was given to Trang Nguyen for her courageous and inspiring work in wildlife conservation in her own country and elsewhere in the world. Dr. Trang Nguyen also entered the Top 5 social contributions of "The Women of Future" award in Southeast Asia of The Women of The Future Program (UK). In 2018, Trang received the Future for Nature Award – a distinguished award for conservationists around the world. These awards not only acknowledge the dedication of Trang Nguyen and WildAct team but also demomonstrate Vietnam’s determination and contributions to the global nature conservation and sustainable development.