WildAct and the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) organised the Communication Session in “Strengthening Capacity for Conservation in Indo-Burma”

WildAct and local conservation organizations in the Indo-Burma region have 4 days face-to-face sessions on communication within the framework of the “Strengthening Capacity for Conservation in Indo-Burma” course organized by Tropical Biology Association (TBA) with memorable memories in Luang Prabang, Laos.

The course aims to improve communication skills for organizations for conservation effectiveness in the Indo-Burma region. Representatives from local organizations with diverse perspectives from different positions created a lively discussion atmosphere about the challenges and difficulties in implementing communication at each nation.

WildAct’s representative - the main partner of the project in Vietnam, Tue Thu shared WildAct’s case study on communicating conservation impacts to the world.The training course not only provides a platform for participants to share experience, discuss and support each other, but also create unforgettable memories between participants.

We would like to thank the Tropical Biology Association (TBA) for creating a meaningful course, and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - CEPF Fund for making this course happen. Especially, thanks to 25 participants for sharing and accompanying us to create a meaningful course in Laos.