WildAct strengthen communication on shorebirds protection through awareness raising activities at local school

Late October, under the sponsorship of the Intrepid Foundation, WildAct cooperated with the Department of Education and Training of Yen Mo district of Ninh Binh to organize a series of education activities at Yen Dong Primary School and Yen Dong Secondary School in Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh province. The activities have spreaded and raised awareness about migratory bird issues to pupils, teachers and the local community here.

Primary pupils under the murals with exciting astmostphere

Responding to a series of activities within the Migratory Bird Conservation project from 2021, WildAct has implemeted with many interdisciplinary coordination activities. During the two days of December 30-31th, the event attracted more than 1,500 pupils and teachers from Yen Dong Primary School and Yen Dong Secondary School to directly participate. In particular, the event has deliveried the message "Protect Migratory Birds" to nearly 10,000 local people in Yen Mo district about the importance of migratory birds, the status of illegal hunting and the role of local people in protecting migratory birds.

Sharing workshop about the importance of shorebird to the ecosystem.

Educational publications and manuals on migratory bird conservation have been published and giving. Exhibition and sharing workshop about information about 4 endangered/critically endangered migratory bird species including: Spoonbill, Black-faced Spoonbill, Chinese White Stork and Short-billed Gull has been organized. As a result, more than 10,000 local people had access to information, and nearly 2,500 students and parents signed a commitment not to hunt or consume products originating from migratory birds.

Educational publications and manuals on migratory bird conservation were given to secondary pupils.

In particular, during this event, 2 colorful and meaningful murals from the two artists: Sam Pham and Phan Thai Thanh, were constructed on the campus of 2 schools: Yen Dong Primary School and Yen Secondary School. The two paintings excelled in expressing hopeful stories about a safe future for migratory birds. Inaugurated on October 31, the two murals, along with the message "Community joins hands, birds fly home" that WildAct and two artists want to spread, have been conveyed to the community.

Bright playground with joyful of Yen Mo Secondary pupils

At the end of the activities, pupils from two schools in Yen Mo district chanted the slogan "Protect migratory birds" in unison as a strong message showing their determination to join hands to protect shorebirds and let them be free to spread their wings.