WildAct accepts Marathon Walk challenge launched by Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and Intrepid

Posted on 15.07.2023 | Tag: Partnership and Development

Children are supposed to deserve special care and protection from society. In contrast, they are now facing a great threat from human traffickers. In response to this issue, the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation has organized numerous events and projects to protect children in particular, as well as vulnerable groups in society in general.

In September 2023, The Blue Dragon Marathon Walk, an annual fundraising walking challenge held by Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, has come back with a view to protecting children who are victims of illegal human trafficking. There is no geographical limit on the race, so participants can start the challenge anytime, anywhere, or choose a few organised walks to join.

WildAct, as a partner of Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, participated in this challenge to make a contribution to the event. This marathon challenge has raised $330,000 for Blue Dragon Children's Foundation from over 1,500 participants in 17 countries. The entire donation will be used to assist children who have been victims of human trafficking in returning to schools and reuniting with their families. Besides, Intrepid is giving away five spots on their 10-day Vietnam Express Southbound trip (valued at over $1,400) to top fundraisers.

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