Travel with WildAct to the "BOO - Green City" for celebrating Earth Hour

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day - March 22, WildAct was present at the event organised by BOO to bring messages about protecting migratory birds and the Earth from the smallest actions.

At the event, we introduced exciting activities related to reducing and recycling plastic waste in order to protect migratory bird habitat and attracting more wild birds on the East Australia–Asia route and stopping over the Red River Delta Biosphere. The illustrations and images described the current fact of illegal hunting and caging birds for "wild bird specialties" and net trap model - one of the Vietnamese common bird traps that takes the lives of thousands of migratory birds- also recreated to show the reason why migratory birds become more and more rare.

Through the event, there were not only more than 100 messages sent to migratory birds from a large community of attendees, but also appeal attention from more than 50 KOLs and Influencers working in many fields who care about the environment to inspire more people to understand about the problem of migratory birds in Vietnam