Partnership and Development: Collaborating in Conservation Sector


Aiming to create collective and long-lasting impacts for conservation, WildAct’s programs have been strategically designed and employed participatory approaches to involve as many as individuals and organisations working in conservation sectors in Vietnam. Depending on each program, they play important roles as trainers, guest speakers, co-hosts, trainees, and participants. WildAct thanks them for their participation, support, and collaborations which benefit not only program participants but also their organisations and conservation practices as a whole.

Capacity building and gender-based programs are ongoing.

Collaboration in WildAct’s capacity building program

WildAct’s capacity building training courses between 2019 and 2022 attracted experts and conservation practitioners from over 20 participating conservation organisations. They came to us as trainers and guest speakers. They come from international NGOS, local NGOs, government organisations, independent institutes, embassies. Each course, about six of these organisations hosted WildAct’s program graduates as their interns to support them design and deliver individual hands-on conservation projects. Some of these graduates are their employees.

Collaboration in WildAct’s gender-based program

WildAct collaborates with different organisations and agencies in and outside conservation sectors to address gender issues in conservation. Between 2020 and 2023, 28 organisations and agencies participated in different phases of the project titled “Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Vietnamese Conservation Sector”. 

Beside financial and technical support from the donor USAID - RISE Challenge, WildAct has collaborated with the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Family – Woman and Adolescents (CSAGA), a leading organisation with 20 years working in Gender-based Violence in Vietnam, to co-design agenda, co-host events, develop project materials, and evaluate the project.

In addition, 18 organisations get involved to establish focal contact points in their workplaces. Five of these organisations including Asian Turtle Program, Cat Ba National Park, Pu Mat National Park, CHANGE, and Animals Asia Foundation organised gender-related internal training for their employees. Two organisations including Free The Bears and Pu Mat National Park applied and received funding from the project to conduct their ‘Innovative for a Better World’ initiatives. The Safeguarding Guideline was developed and consulted with all participating organisations before printing and distributing to all organisations.

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You can watch the recap of the gender-related internal training here.

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