A nature film festival in Vietnam


After decades of alarming scientific pieces of evidence about the collapse of ecological limits and with the conviction that we must act in this critical decade, “#It’s Time To Act - A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam” is the first environmental film showcase featuring international and local environmentally themed films and conversations on sustainability and harmony with nature in Vietnam. 

The Film Festival coordinated by the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam with contributions from participating 14 countries including Europe, Latin America, Canada.etc and 09 environmental organisations from Vietnam. WildAct Vietnam is the key organisational partner of the first edition of this Festival.

The Film Festival aims to inform and inspire through the power of film to incite, change and take action so that we can preserve our planet for generations to come.

The festival showed feature films, documentaries, and short films with subtitles in Vietnamese and opened free for the public and in a hybrid format (both online & offline) fromSeptember 23 to October 7, 2022 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


  • Helping Vietnamese people understand nature and inspiring them to be responsible for protecting the environment;

  • Connecting together in an effort to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet;

  • Creating opportunities for countries and conservation organisations to collaborate.

WildAct contributed in

  • Co-organising festival weeks in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City and online screening;

  • Coordinating to establish a website and facebook “It's time to act”  for the community to easily access movies and project’s resources;

  • In charge of communication and promoting Film Festival’s activities to the public on offline and online platforms.

Key achievements of whole project

  • +5600 people reached on social platform ;

  • + 2000 nature-loving audiences attended film screenings;

  • 17 films from 14 countries shown;

  • 11 green partners participated;

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