Bird saviours project - WildAct X BOOVironment


Vietnam lies within the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot, the central part of the East Asian- Australasian Flyway (EAAF). Habitat loss has been a main threat causing the decline of migratory shorebirds while over-hunting is overlooked. WildAct’s social survey in 2021 revealed that Vietnamese people lack knowledge and awareness toward migratory birds, bird conservation, and law enforcement regarding bird conservation. In addition, the research showed that there is an increasing demand for wild birds and migratory birds in large cities. This demand has driven and increased bird hunting, pushing wild birds and migratory birds to the edge of extinction.

A bird trapped in Ninh Binh

Although there have been numerous awareness raising campaigns on illegal wildlife hunting, trading, and consumption in Vietnam, these campaigns focus on large mammals, ie. rhinos, elephants, bears, and tigers. Therefore, it’s vital for WildAct and BOOVironment to co-design and co-deliver an awareness raising campaigns on bird conservation. 


Increase awareness and interests of urban people toward (1) the important role of migratory birds to the ecosystem; (2) threats pushing migratory birds to extinction such as hunting, trading, consumption, and zoonotic diseases associated with birds; (3) what people can do to protect migratory birds


  • Design a campaign materials using for online and offline challenges that involve Vietnamese people to learn about bird conservation; illegal bird trade and consumption; 

  • Organise public outreach events, design contests, and exhibitions so that participants can raise voices and take actions to protect wild birds; 

  • Urge urban people to sign a commitment to not hunt, trade, and eat wild birds. 


  • Phase 1 (11/2022 - 01/2023): Deliver campaign materials and conduct online-offline event on BOOVironment’s communication channels, and BOO’s fashion store

  • Phase 2 (02/2023 - 09/2023): Run the exhibition at “Tắt đèn bật ý tưởng” -  - Earth Hour 2023 event of BOOVironment; organisation design contests 

  • Phase 3: (10/2023 - 12/2023): Organise Bird Race public outreach event and pledge activity. 

    Bird saviours exhibits placed at the BOO Fashion Store   

    Key achievement of Phase 1 (11/2022 - 01/2023)

    • Social media’s followers reached: 40,000+ people

    • People participated in offline events: 100+ people play games and 2,000+ people reached out project messages at two fashion store of BOO

    • Campaign materials delivered: 500 Wildlife-themed lucky envelopes, 100 bird-themed keyrings

      A bird saviour has enjoyed the exhibits, game, and gift at the store 

      Activity report of phase 1: You can read and download here.