Selling local product - Honey Bee

Langur Community Conservation Team, in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh province, was founded by Uncle Tu - a retired border guard. Besides the daily farming, the Community Conservation Team volunteered to remove traps to protect the endangered herd of Hatinh Langur from hunters.

Uncle Tu - founder of  Langur Community Conservation Team, in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh province

After a training trip for the Community Conservation Team in Quang Binh, WildAct realised that people in Tuyen Hoa have a great love and care for nature and animals, not only for endangered animals but also for familiar animals like honey bees. These communities voluntarily remove traps to protect Langur, at the same time, raising wild bees for honey is the main source of their income. That’s why after the trip, we desired to support them by selling natural quality honey - BeeWild honey products to the urban people.

The local people participating in the BeeWild program committed not to exploit the forest, destroy the forest beehive or any destructively exploit. All profits will be used to support the conservation activities of the Conservation Community team by buying forest tools, safety insurance for people when removing traps, and protecting a herd of Hatinh Langur in Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh.

Watch video about honey bee product HERE

Contact us to buy BeeWild support Conservation Community Team at Tuyen Hoa, Quang Binh

There are several livelihood initiatives that WildAct and the local communities are seeking support, collaborations, and funding. The first objective is to build up a model of community-based responsible tourism so that the locals can join the initiative to increase income. The second objective is to increase women’s competencies in developing and running small-scale business models so that they can be more active in producing and selling their local products.

If you, or the individuals and agencies that you’ve known, are interested in collaborating, fundraising, or co-designing this project, please CONTACT US for further discussion and planning.