[WildAct x Endangered team] applying high technology in raising community’s awareness about conversation

Posted on 08.07.2023 | Tag: Partnership and Development

XR: Endangered Species Vietnam is an AR exhibition organized by ENDANGERED to raise the community’s awareness about the importance of protecting unique species and the biodiversity of Vietnam. At the exhibition, artists used AR techniques to simulate the habitats of some endangered species listed in the red book, including Saola and Owston's Civet. It conveys the message of not only safeguarding the ecosystems in Vietnam but also inspiring the community to create a world in which people live in harmony with the natural environment.

WildAct is one of the partner of the project

WildAct is delighted to be one of the partners accompanying the Endangered Species Vietnam exhibition, and to be able to work with ENDENGERED to create community awareness about wildlife protection, particularly in the Chu Yang Sin National Park area. The connection between nature conservation with artists and modern technology is truly a unique creative idea and attracts a lot of public attention, especially young people.

Through the exhibition, the Endangered Team donated $441.09, which was 81% of the exhibition's profits, for educational activities implemented at Chu Yang Sin National Park by WildAct. This donation from ENDANGERED is a motivation for WildAct to continue on its journey to complete the mission of protecting Wildlife in Vietnam.

Read more about our Species and Habitat Program here: