Conservation education in cities


Students and communities in big cities in Vietnam have access to a lot of information sources from the internet, books, and newspapers with different topics. However, currently, on social media, there is a lot of harmful information, images, and videos with content that go against conservation principles and are not carefully controlled.

We aim to provide them with knowledge and skills toward wildlife protection and encourage them to take action to protect wildlife. Thereby connecting future generations of Vietnam with nature, and fostering love and pride in local wildlife.

To achieve this goal, we developed different activities for students and communities in cities 


  • Raising awareness for students and community about wildlife conservation through school talks, exhibitions, and contests at schools and public areas;

  • Encouraging students and the community to protect wildlife by participating, knowing, and understanding the program’s message.


  • Connecting with schools and residential areas to organise conservation activities;

  • Creating and developing conservation education formats in schools and online platforms for students and the community.

Key achievements so far

  • Collaborated with 12 schools and the public areas to carry out communication and education activities;

  • Educated and engaged with nearly 5,000 students and people in Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh via offline and online talks, exhibitions, events.

    Online schooltalk about ecosystem and wildlife conservation