Vietnam Breast Cancer Awareness event

Posted on 04.07.2023 | Tag: School and Community

"Your mind is your medicine, not wildlife products"


That is a message that Action for Wildlife Organisation and WildAct brought together to the Vietnam breast cancer awareness event "Non Hong". We also giving some medicinal herbs that scientists have proven to be effective in treating several illness to the local people, as an alternative to those that are prefer traditional medicine than western treatment style. The "Non Hong" event aim to raise awareness among Vietnamese public to the breast cancer issue. It was held at Le Thi Rieng Park, Ho Chi Minh city on the 25th October. 

In Vietnam, wildlife products such as bear bile, rhino horn, ivory and tiger balm have long been used as an ingredient for traditional medicine. The demand for wildlife products is the largest threat to wildlife. According to a well-known scientist Nguyen Lan Dung, many Vietnamese willing to pay a large amount of money to purchase products made from endangered animals, such as rhino, tiger and many others in the hope of curing their illness. However, they not only losing a huge amount of money but some of the products purchased can be toxic to their own health. He also stated that even though he have been actively working with wildlife, he have never ever heard of the use of wildlife products, especially endangered species have any medicinal effects, either in Vietnam or across the world. The consumption of wildlife products lead to the extinction of many species, damaging our ecosystem and can also affecting our climate. 

More than 200 visitors visited our education stall and over 100 medicinal herbs were given to the public. Many Vietnamese people stated that they didn't know about the medicinal effects of these herb, and they are happy to use them instead of looking for bear bile or any other wildlife products. Leaflet with information on zoonotic disease transmitted from wild animals to human through consumption and trade routes were also given to the public. 

This is one of our activities included in the project "Dispelling the myth: Protecting people and rhinos" funded by the Lush Grant foundation, co-managed by WildAct Vietnam and RhiNOremedy UK.


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